Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peter King's Prez Pick Rudy Giuliani Picks a NeoCon Wingnut in Podhoretz..

It makes more and more sense that Peter King would endorse Rudy Giulani
for President. I mean, they've both built their reputations on talking tough on war stuff while screwing up in just about every conceivable way.

Now, the New Jersey Star-Ledger's Paul Mulshine has more juicy details
as to how batty Rudy really must be. He's just chosen Norman Podhoretz as a foreign policy advisor..

On a recent luxury cruise sponsored by National Review magazine, Podhoretz got into a dispute with NR founder William F. Buckley about the Iraq war. Buckley, the dean of American conservatives, termed the war a disaster. But Podhoretz, who like most "neo" conservatives has his roots in leftist politics, disagreed.

"It has been a triumph," said Podhoretz. "It couldn't have gone better."

The man is clearly off his rocker. Yet Giuliani seems blissfully unaware of that unpleasant fact. How could this be?

...the so-called "war on terror" was not a defensive war but an intellectual fantasy, the goal of which was, as Podhoretz put it in 2002, "not just to clean up al Qaeda cells but to effect regime changes in six or seven countries and to create conditions which would lead to internal reform and modernization in the Islamic world."
Yeah... about that regime change thing.. it's not really working out so hot, see? And the American people are wising up to it.. too bad Rudy Giuliani hasn't figured that out. Even leading conservative William Buckley, the creator of the National Review, gets how disastrous the Neoconservative world view has been in reality:

"The neoconservative hubris, which sort of assigns to America some kind of geostrategic responsibility for maximizing democracy, overstretches the resources of a free country."
Word. Too bad Peter King and Rudy Giuliani haven't gotten the memo just yet.

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