Monday, May 28, 2007

Newsday Reports, One Month After Us...

Maybe they got around to reading Nasty Letters, because Newsday is finally reporting on Q1 fundraising numbers, over a month after we did:
Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) raised $87,571, four times as much as he did in the first quarter, but had the least cash on hand among the local delegation.

King attributed his $287,090 in the bank to a tougher-than-usual re-election race last November and his decision to pay more expenses early.

Peter King was outraised by Steve Israel, who has a safer seat, and has much less COH than safe Democrats McCarthy and Ackerman.

Of course, they also neglect to parse the details as thoroughly as Nasty Letters; King actually spent more than he raised this last quarter, so he LOST almost $17K, not to mention the fact that he's down 500K from this time last cycle.

But hey, at least they got around to reporting a good story.

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