Friday, May 18, 2007

Peter King: How Dare GOP moderates Rethink Iraq?!!? GOP Shill Agrees..

From Newsday: King assails war detractors
WASHINGTON - Rep. Peter King attacked as "disgraceful" yesterday Republican moderates who warned President George W. Bush on Wednesday that his handling of the Iraq war threatens to damage the GOP's future.

"Members of Congress, whether in my party or the other party, who supported the war and are now turning against it because it's unpopular, that to me is disgraceful," said King. "If you can't take a political hit, then you can't send soldiers into war to take real bullets."
King, who shouldered his tightest re-election campaign ever amid last year's Democratic landslide, acknowledged he is feeling the heat as he continues to back the president despite growing public disenchantment with the war.
So Peter King calls it a "disgrace" that members of his own caucus would dare to defy Bush's marching orders; so much for the marketplace of ideas, free expression, all that jazz. King's marching in lockstep to Bush's orders so much that he can't fathom anyone seeing Iraq for what it really is: an intractable quagmire.

King acts as though his blind support for the war is a principled stance; anyone who changes their mind is simply worried about the "political hit". But even King acknowledges that he "feels the heat" from voters. Does he think they're just blowing hot air? Peter King's so far over the deep end he no longer... LISTENS TO HIS CONSTITUENTS. You know, the people he's supposedly... REPRESENTING in Washington.

Good thing for King that Newsday found someone who's on his side:

Political consultant Michael Dawidziak said King is not likely to be hurt by his continuing support of the president's war position because his district is particularly conservative.

Too bad he's a Republican Hack.A simple Google search reveals much about "Political consultant Michael Dawidziak". His business, Strategic Consulting, has a client list that reads like a Who's Who of the GOP:

Presidential U. S. Senate

Bush-Quayle 1988

Lazio - New York

Bush-Quayle 1992

Roth - Delaware

Dole-Kemp 1996

Coats - Indiana

Forbes 2000

Grassley - Iowa

A man with a PhD. gives the smackdown:
But Stanley Klein, a C.W. Post political science professor, said King could suffer politically.

"There is only one kind of politician who is above the polls," Klein said. "And that's an ex-politician."
And on that note, I leave you with an '06 Dave Mejias ad that sums things up perfectly..


Anonymous said...

He may be a so-called "hack" but he did elect Rick Lazio in 1992 against popular Democrat Tom Downey, a person who was in Congress since 1974! Last time I checked, JEB Bush, who Strategic Planning worked with, won two terms as Florida's governor, Weld as Massachusetts governor, Tommy Thompson as Wisconsin's governor, Rowland as Connecticut's governor, Shays as a Congressman in a very blue congressional district, Ridge as PA's governor, Pataki as NY's governor, and Whitman as NJ's governor. Compare the percentages to those they won versus those they lost. Looks like you're the hack by not providing that information.

Tim said...

All good points, and I apologize for offending anybody. I disagree with his assessment that NY-03 is so conservative that King's pro-war stance isn't a problem. Still, I shouldn't have attacked his character.

My real beef was with Newsday for not properly identifying the individual as a Republican consultant, witnessed by the string of Republicans he has helped elect. I apologize for not making that clear.